Stick-n-Sense principle




  • Stick’n Sense™ is a revolutionary contactless technology allowing you to monitor the current flowing in each circuit breaker of you panel board in Real Time.
  • Every 10 mn, for each breaker, the system delivers an estimation of the energy (kWh) consumed.
  • Energy data is available on a dedicated server through an API.
  • 90% of the total energy consumed by the panel board is identified.
  • Precision: 10% on daily energy estimation per breaker (for loads representing more than 10% of the total daily energy consumed by the panel board)

Low Cost

  • Low cost of products: the sensors and the controller use on-the-shelf components. The cost is just a few dollars per sensor and a few 10$ per controller.
  • Low cost of installation: just connect the sensor modules together and stick them on your circuit breakers with double face adhesive for example.
    – no extra cabling
    – no modification in your panel board
    – no specific knowledge
    – no specific tools


  • Unlike other sub-metering solutions, and due to the very small footprint of the sensors, Stick’n Sense™ is the only available technology allowing you to instrument all the circuit breakers in your panel board.
  • One controller is able to control up to 110 sensors, covering most of the applications.


  • If you want to use the Stick’n Sense™ technology, you need to get a license from Stick’n Sense SAS. Then, you can buy or customize existing products from one of our Partners/Licensees.
  • For more details on the licensing process, please refer to the Partnership page, or contact us.