Intellectual Property

The STICK’N SENSE™ Contactless Sensing Technology is a genuine patented technology. All Intellectual Property, Patents and Know-How attached to this technology are owned by SMARTFUTURE, a Start-up company registered in France.

All licensing rights are commercialized by STICK’N SENSE SAS, a French registered company, who is entitled to license the STICK’N SENSE™ Contactless Sensing Technology to Partners and Customers who want to embed this technology into their own products and solutions.

The Intellectual Property attached to STICK’N SENSE™ Contactless Sensing Technology consists of several parts:

  • The complete electronic architecture of the STICK’N SENSE™ enabled Sensors Modules: Hardware and Firmware including the communication serial bus
  • The complete electronic architecture of the STICK’N SENSE™ part of the STICK’N SENSE™ enabled Controller Unit: Hardware and Firmware
  • All STICK’N SENSE™ firmware and software source code including the patented Interference Cancellation Algorithm.

STICK’N SENSE SAS Business Model

STICK’N SENSE SAS doesn’t commercialize final products. It only sells License Agreements for the use of the STICK’N SENSE™ Sensing Technology. The commercial products have to be developed and sold by STICK’N SENSE SAS Partners/Licensees.

However, in order to develop and industrialize this technology, STICK’N SENSE SAS  has signed a collaboration agreement with DEFOND/WISE ALLY, a Hong Kong based OEM company, who has developed and who manufactures the existing versions of the STICK’N SENSE™ enabled products:  Micro-sensor Modules, Dummy modules, Controller Unit with Wi-Fi interface and all associated accessories cables and connectors. All the parts are produced in the same factory in China.

Customers or Partners who want to use the STICK’N SENSE™ technology can do it in different ways:

  • They can buy existing STICK’N SENSE™ products from one of our existing licensees having designed products with embedded STICK’N SENSE™ technology (e.g. DEFOND/WISE ALLY)
  • They can customize these existing products through a co-development project. See “Customization” paragraph below.
  • They can develop their own products under License.

In any case, they need to get a License Agreement from STICK’N SENSE SAS prior to any use of the STICK’N SENSE™ enabled products. Please contact us for more details on conditions and availability.


In certain cases, it might be necessary for potential Customers/Partners to adapt the Sensors, the Controller Unit and/or the associated firmware to their own ecosystem (e.g. communication protocol, form factor, etc…). In that case, customization requests should be addressed to STICK’N SENSE SAS. In case of specific development NRE may apply.

Please contact us for more details on OEM solutions quotation, customization, prices and MOQ.


The STICK’N SENSE™ license is a worldwide, royalty bearing, non-exclusive license granting to the Licensee the right to develop or have developed by third parties, manufacture or have manufactured by third parties, test, sell, import, export, and otherwise dispose of or commercialize the Licensee Products embedding the STICK’N SENSE™ Sensing Technology.

In consideration of the rights and licenses granted, the Licensee shall pay to Stick’n Sense Ltd. a monthly or yearly royalty for each instance of the patented Interference Cancelling Algorithm (ICA) running on our servers.

In addition, and in order to cover maintenance and evolution costs, a yearly license upfront will apply.