A breakthrough for real-time monitoring of electrical panel boards

Monitor the values and deviation of individual breaker consumption.

Capture breakers' temperature and optimize on-site maintenance resources, slashing the costs.

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What PanelWatch® does for you:

Installation and implementation far from the costly and complex traditional energy measurement solutions.
Accelerate your savings and maintenance now!

  • Help you take decisions to save energy by monitoring consumption
  • Optimize electrical panel maintenance resources, by slashing maintenance costs compared to an annual visit and an expert report by thermal camera
  • Prevent fires, increasing safety of property and people
  • Receive configurable alerts in case of worrisome temperatures, unexplained overconsumption, or discrepancies between reality and your equipment on/off planning
  • Monitor and manage distributed installations using a dedicated platform
Panelboard heatmap and MCB graph
Installation tool - Panelboard modelization

Great installation tools

Installation tools allow quick and simple system installation & commissioning, without turning the power off

Modelization tool
  • Create "digital-twin" models of your panel boards, supporting all brands, models and ratings of circuit breakers
  • Classify and categorize breaker usage (productive, cooling, lighting...)
  • Get real-time visual feedback of the system status during installation (sensors being connected, receiving data etc.)
  • Specify conditions and thresholds for alerts (energy or temperature)
  • Import/Export your setup
  • Works on tablets too, for on-site work

PanelWatch® - a breakthrough for electric panel boards monitoring

Frequently asked questions

Up to 280 breakers can be monitored with one sensor controller which is way more than the usual number of breakers in typical panel baords.

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