Paul Bertrand, the inventor of the Stick’n Sense™ sensing technology, creates SmartFuture, a french startup company specialized in innovation. SmartFuture designs and patents a low cost new energy measurement technology hereinafter referred as the Stick’n Sense™ Sensing Technology. Jean-Jacques Poubeau joins Paul Bertrand to help him finding business partners in order to industrialize the technology and establish a licensing business around the Stick’n Sense™ Sensing Technology.


SmartFuture signs an agreement with DEFOND, a well known ODM Hong Kong Company, that develops and industrializes the first power monitoring products embedding the Stick’n Sense™ Sensing Technology: a stick-on micro-sensor and a WiFi controller. These products are successfully tested in several real life applications. The concept is validated.


In May 2014, Paul Bertrand and Jean-Jacques Poubeau decide to create Stick’n Sense Limited, a Hong Kong registered company, in charge of licensing the technology to business partners willing to use it in their own products. SmartFuture has granted Stick’n Sense Ltd an exclusive license to market the Stick’n Sense™STICK’N SENSE™ , and to grant licenses of this STICK’N SENSE™  technology and know how to third parties. This allows such third parties to take the Stick’n Sense™ Sensing Technology to market. Several licensing agreements are signed with business partners in Europe and in Hong Kong.


The first industrial products developed by our Licensees and embedding the Stick’n Sense technology arrive on the market by mid-year.


Paul Bertrand and Jean-Jacques Poubeau decide to create Stick’n Sense SAS, a company registered in France, in charge of licensing the STICK’N SENSE™ technology with a special focus on Europe and US markets.


Paul Bertrand and Jean-Jacques Poubeau decide to cease the activity of Stick’n Sense Ltd in Hong Kong and to transfer all existing Licenses and all the licensing activity to Stick’n Sense SAS.

The founders:

Stick’n Sense Ltd is managed by two engineers having a great experience in technology, industry and power management applications:
 Paul Bertrand
  • Associate Director and co-founder
  • Serial entrepreneur
  • Engineer in Electrical Engineering
  • Expert with Cenelec and UTE
  • Inventor of the Stick’n Sense technology
 Jean-Jacques Poubeau
  • Associate Director and co-founder
  • Engineer and Doctor grades in Physics
  • 30 years carrier in a multinational company leader in energy efficiency and industrial products